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Friends - You have legitimately won my respect
:iconaskmeiterumi:: You gave me a second chance after our rough start, I thank you for your forgiveness and patience with me of all people. You remind me so much of mi madre. I think you're the only one I trust so far with a lot of my personal feelings.

:iconask---rainbowraver:: You're hyper, annoying a lot of times, but you seem to like me and that alone gives me reason to like you. Thanks for not being on my case like some people.

:iconask-baker:: And here I thought all Americans were assholes. Thanks for proving me wrong on that and not being the stereotypical gringo. You're so friendly and in a way, you sort of remind me of my hermana menor.

Rivals - Not my enemies, sometimes my friends, but I got my own feelings for each of you.
:iconasukakazamaplz:: I don't care if I'm stuck living with you, you're not gonna push me around that easily princess.
Jack Raymond ((OC of :iconmrdak3000:)) : You're one hell of a fighter and I'm glad to know that there is another person here who can relate to me in some way. I'm glad to know I'm not the only dark person here.
:iconHworangplz:: We are gonna settle this one day fucker! I'm gonna break those Goddamn legs of yours one day!!

Enemies - I'm gonna break you one day!! :gfd: by AbstractDementia






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askJasuka's Profile Picture
Jasuka Hidalgo
I'm not telling you shit about me unless you've earned it.

Full Name: Jasuka Hidalgo
AKA: "The Incarnation", Jas, Darky (he hates this nickname), Baka (one of Asuka's names for him), Jackass (Asuka's other name for him), The O.G. Specimen (what the Zaibatsu and G-Corporation refer to him as)
Fighting Style: Brazilian Jiu Jutsu mixed with native arts (name of that style TBA but its like Krave Magra)
Fighting Type: Grappler mixed with complimentary hand-to-hand combat made to soften up the opponent and make it easier to break their ground so they can be grappled.
Nationality: Peruvian (full blooded Ashaninkan Indian)
Species: Human (traces of an unknown species in his DNA though from the Ogre Gene)
Birthday: TBA
Age: 18
Occupation: Foreign Exchange High School Student (former guerrilla soldier back in Peru)
Family: ???/father(deceased), ???/mother, ???/younger sister, ???/uncle(deceased), ???/grandfather
Alignment: Neutral (has his own goals but for the time being he's supposedly good.)
Voice: Dante Basco (for the time being)
Likes: Equality, Justice, His Family, His Heritage, Victory, "Breaking The Enemy", Nature, Friendly spirits (claims he can sense them because of his heritage as one of the indigenous peoples of Peru)
Dislikes: Wealthy People, Elitists, His Birth Marks (people in his village resented him for them calling him "The Incarnation"), Lili Rochefort, Defeat, The Mishima Zaibatsu and the Mishima Family, Asuka Kazama (or so he says), Bad spirits and omens (is very superstitious)

Catch Phrases:
"[Any sentence] Fuck(ing/er/ers/s)" - When angry enough and even whenever, Jasuka will find a way to use the word fuck in his sentence.
"Carajo!!" - Peruvian Spanish for "Fuck", "shit", or "Damn it".

Intro Quotes:
Asuka 1 - Let's roll puta!!
Asuka 2 - I'm gonna make ya cry princess!
Asuka 3 - Here I come princess!
Asuka 4 - Do your worst princess!!
Lili - Piss of blondie!!
Hworang 1 - I'll break your fucking legs!!
Hworang 2 - Okay asshole, let's dance!

Win Quotes:
Asuka 1 - Not so tough anymore now are you?
Asuka 2 - *gives middle finger than walks away* Done.
Asuka 3 - Goddamn, you're tough for a chick ya know that?
Lilli - This isn't a game for white girls blondie.
Hworang 1 - When you're in my hands its game over.
Hworang 2 - You really gotta use more than just your feet punk.
((THose of you who know my main account know that I'm having some tech issues. I'm on a school computer now. I'll reply to stuff and start answering questions again ASAP. Until then, I hope you guys like some of the funny stuff I post for the sake of updating. See you around.))

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